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  • Magnetic Gel Reflex Insoles
    Magnetic Gel Reflex Insoles - BioMagnetic Sport
    Magnetic Gel Reflex Insoles - BioMagnetic Sport
    Magnetic Gel Reflex Insoles - BioMagnetic Sport
    Magnetic Gel Reflex Insoles - BioMagnetic Sport
    Magnetic Gel Reflex Insoles - BioMagnetic Sport
    Magnetic Gel Reflex Insoles - BioMagnetic Sport

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    Magnetic Gel Reflex Insoles

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    The Bio Magnetic Gel Reflex Insoles feature six therapeutic-grade magnets. The placement of these magnets deliver a reflexology treatment during wear.

    Do you have poor circulation? Are you looking for some added support? The Magnetic Gel Reflex Soles might be what you are looking for. And with our 28-Day-Money-Back-Policy you've got nothing to lose!
    Or are you after more intense sport insole? You might be looking for our Magnetic Moulded Reflex Insoles.
    Key Features
    • Polymer gel technology gives fantastic shock absorption and comfort.
    • 6 embedded magnets all have a gauss rating of 1,000+ for the greatest effect.
    • Magnetic Gel Insoles also have a longitudinal arch stabiliser for increased support.
    • The magnetic field penetrates the feet.
    • May assist with temporary relief from arthritis and rheumatic pain.
    • Fits most shoe styles.
    • Two sizes to fit. (Cut to customise, see chart)
    • Odour resistant and easy to clean.

    Did you know there are over 7,200 nerve endings in the bottom of the feet that are related to other organs in our body?
    Reflexology is an ancient practice that involves working with those points. It is believed to break up calcification and release tension, blockages and poisons from the body. As tension is released, pressure on the nerves and vessels is relaxed, improving nerve stimulus and flow of blood.
    Bundle & Save

    Would you like to buy more than one of our awesome products? Click Here to Checkout our Bundles page where we have put together some of our commonly "Bought Together" items. You can save up to 35%!

    Shipping & Handling

    We ship our products within 48 business hours of receiving your order via Australia Post. You will receive a shipping confirmation with your tracking details. We ask that you allow up to 10 business days for your parcel to arrive, however, most arrive within 3-5 business days. 

    We do not offer Express Post. 

    Magnetic Gauss Rating
    Each BioMagnetic therapeutic magnet has an external gauss rating of 1,000+.
    Gauss strength can be misleading, as the strength of the magnetic field decreases as the distance from the surface of the magnet increases.
    In therapeutic use, depending upon the strength, size, and distance from the skin, actual gauss strength inside the human tissue can be much less than the gauss rating of the magnet.
    Which is why we ensure our magnets have an external manufacturers gauss rating of 1,000+. To penetrate one inch or 2.54cm into the tissue a magnet should have a 700 - 1000 gauss external strength. Click here to find out more.
    Money Back Policy

    BioMagnetic Sport is a natural therapy and while many find success with our products it may not work for everyone, that is why we have our 28-Day-Money-Back Policy. No catches, no gotchas, we want you to love our product as much as we do. Click here to find out more. 

    NDIS Members

    We offer the ability for your NDIS plan manager to pay for your products if that option is available to you. Click here to find out how.


    Please Note: Bio Magnetic Sports products are not a substitute for medical care. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist. If you are pregnant and/or have a pacemaker or insulin pump please get your doctor's advice before using magnetic products.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews Write a review