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    Magnetic Reflex Soles

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    BioSport Magnetic Reflex Soles help treat many foot-related injuries or ailments, by using the method behind reflexology.

    Bio Magnetic Reflex Soles are embedded with 6 therapeutic magnets that are strategically placed to give you a Reflexology treatment all day long! The comfortable insoles are designed to give you an extra cushion in your shoes with the added benefit of therapeutic magnets.

    • May assist with the relief of arthritis-related symptoms, tired and sore feet, shin splints, leg cramps, inflammation, symptoms related to diabetes, corns, spurs and circulation problems.
    • Simply slip into your shoe.
    • Enables you to receive a reflexology treatment, with the additional benefit of 900+ gauss therapeutic magnets, all day long.
    • Made from comfortable, top quality neoprene, the material used in wetsuits.
    • It contains an easy-to-use template so you can cut the sole to fit your shoe exactly.
    • Fully washable.
    • 28-Day Money Back Policy