About Us

The Story Behind BioMagnetic Australia

Bio Magnetic Sport is a leading supplier of Magnetic Therapy Products.
Bio Magnetic Sports products are a noninvasive needle and drug-free alternative to assist in the relief of pain associated with muscle, ligament, arthritis and back pain. The flexible yet firm design offers support and comfort whilst delivering the amazing benefits of magnetic therapy.
Our first priority when designing BioMagnetic products is to offer maximum support to the injured or painful area. Each product is made from the highest quality materials allowing us to embed the therapeutic grade magnets securely and safely into each support, insole and wrap. We believe in our brand because of our own experiences and because of the countless customers that call to tell us they have found relief. Try our products today worry free with our 28-Day-Money-Back-Policy. 
From the office to the warehouse Bio Magnetic is a family owned and operated business. 

The original story behind BioMagnetic Sport began with Australian professional Grand Prix motorcycle rider, Craig Trinder and a terrible accident that left him in severe pain.

That crash in his late teens marked the beginning of a fascinating journey that led him to the discovery of a number of outstanding natural therapies used by traditional natural therapists for centuries.

Today the BioMagnetic Australia brand is owned and operated by our small family team that believe in the brand and all it has to offer our customers. We have successfully run the BioMagnetic Sport brand for over a decade. 

Our Distributors:

We are represented nationally by Barton Brands. If you are interested in ranging BioMagnetic Sport products in your store please contact them with the below details:

Barton Brands
07 3090 2638