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Choosing Magnetic Insoles to Aid in Soothing Your Sore Feet

There are centuries of history behind the use of magnets for healing, and today's magnetic insoles are a continuation of this long-held belief. While science has not produced concrete facts on the efficacy of magnets in static arrangements, what we hear from our customers is clear: many people believe they experience some level of relief or improvement thanks to their magnets.

For those suffering from frequent pain in their feet, whether due to an issue such as diabetes or a job that keeps you moving around all day, BioMagnetic is here with new and exciting options. With the opportunity to cover your feet with a powerful magnetic field, you may find that it assists in providing relief for certain conditions — or simply helps to soothe your sore feet. Learn more about these products, how they may contribute to relief, and more about how we support our customers.


What Are Magnetic Foot Arch Supports?

If you aren't already familiar with them, what makes these types of supportive insoles any different from the other options on the market? As we've previously mentioned, many find that magnets may assist in providing some relief. Here's what to know about our products:

  • These inserts for your shoes provide additional support for the natural arches of your feet. A lack of support in these areas can be a contributing factor to pain and discomfort.
  • Our special inserts have strong magnets embedded directly into the material to provide a therapeutic field close to areas where inflammation and pain commonly occur.
  • These inserts fit virtually all kinds of shoes. They're easy to trim and shape to the appropriate size to suit your favourite footwear.



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Money Back Guarantee

Every product is backed by our 28 Day Money Back Policy. Use our product for 28 days, don't like it? Then you get your money back.

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