Benefits of a Magnetic Knee Support

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The Bio Magnetic Knee Support is one of our top sellers. Our customers love it and rave about it, but why is it such a great product? How is it different from other magnetic joint supports? 

Reasons the Magnetic Knee Support is a Best Seller:

  • Made from top quality neoprene. Yes, the same material wetsuits are often made from. Neoprene is durable and tough. It is made to withstand sweat and stretching as well as hold the therapeutic magnets, and your knee, in place. 


    • 16 Therapeutic grade magnets. Each magnet has a gauss rating of 1000+ and is in key areas where cartilage damage and muscle pain are often found. Around the patella is a ring of 6 magnets to give extra focus on an area notorious for high inflammation.  The other 10 magnets run vertically down the side of the magnetic knee support. These magnets ensure you have magnetic coverage throughout the injured knee. 

      Magnets embedded in the magnetic knee support  

    • Strong double-adhesive closure system. The two adhesive points on the magnetic knee support are designed to securely hold the support onto your knee. They keep it from sliding down while working out, walking, or just nursing an injured knee on the couch. Please keep in mind though, that our support is designed for recovery, not to be worn during strenuous exercise. The hook eye loop closures are made to fasten securely. But they are still easy to remove, making them ideal for those with arthritis as they are not hard to remove and adjust.

      The other key benefit of this system is that it accommodates for moderate to severe swelling. This is because the magnetic knee support is not a sleeve that you have to try and squeeze over the top of your injured knee (ouch). Sleeve styles can be good for compression but they can often be useless until the swelling goes down on your knee. With The Bio Magnetic Knee Support, you only need the one size to accommodate you where ever you are at in your recovery.

      Please Note: We sometimes hear from our customers a few months after purchasing that their fasteners are wearing and not sticking. This can be remedied with proper storage. Be sure to close the hook and loop fasteners when not in use. Ensure no other clothes or debris get into the hook closure. And also by cleaning the hook side of the closure. See our blog post on How to Clean >>Here<<
    The velcro on the magnetic knee support is strong and durable. The Magnetic Knee Support being put onto the knee. First step.   

    • Patellar Buttress. What is a Patellar Buttress? This is an opening at the front of the knee brace reinforced with extra fabric as well as 6 magnets. This little hole is designed to stabilise the knee cap and possibly offer relief from conditions such as patellar tendonitis. The hole also offers further ventilation for your skin to breathe. 
    The Patella Stabiliser of the Magnetic Knee Support
    • 28 Day Money Back Guarantee. Many supports on the market are expensive and do not come with a money-back policy. The Magnetic Knee Support comes with a 28 Day Money Back Policy which means you TRY it for 28 days and THEN you return it if you don't find that it is right for you. Read more about our policy here >>

    We love our Magnetic Knee Support and we know you will too, so give it a try today risk-free! Shop the Magnetic Knee Support Now. 

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