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  • Bio Magnetic Knee Support worn by a man and viewed from the front displaying the hole on the knee cap for increased flexibility. The magnetic knee support in black is being worn on the left leg.
    The Bio Magnetic Knee Support in beige being worn by a man and it is viewed from the left side, showing how the back straps attach around the leg for a secure fit.
    Step one of the Bio magnetic Knee Support being put on. This shows the knee support fully open and being placed on a persons knee cap.
    A woman putting on the bio magnetic knee support in the second step. She is fastening the straps around her upper calf, just below her knee. The magnetic knee support featured is in black.
    The Bio Magnetic Knee Support in black being fastened with the below strap.
    The last step in fastening the bio magnetic knee support in black. The bottom strap is being secured into place just below the knee cap on the left side.
    The Bio Magnetic Knee Support 2019 Packaging. The packaging features a photo of the black magnetic knee support and lists possible ailments that the knee support might help with such as arthritis, sprains, ACL recovery, ligament damage, knee surgery recovery.
    An up close view of the magnetic knee support in beige where a few of the embedded magnets are sewn into place.
    Bio Magnetic Knee Support in Beige as a flat lay with adhesive sides folded in to show the support as it is worn.
    A Bio Magnetic Knee Support in beige up close, this hole provides stability to the knee cap while it is being worn.
    The Bio Magnetic Knee Support in beige up close showing the back of the upper adhesive tab that holds the support in place.
    The Bio Magnetic Knee Support in beige lower adhesive tab to securely hold the magnetic knee support in place.
    The inside of the adhesive tab on the Bio Magnetic Knee Support Beige, showing the strong adhesive closure of this support.
    The Bio Magnetic Knee Support in Beige laying flat with the inside face up showing that the lining is black. You can see the two strips of magnets and the circle of magnets embedded into the fabric.
    An up close shot of the bio Magnetic knee support knee cap hole which allows for greater support of the knee cap and patella.
    An up close shot of the bio Magnetic Knee Support from the inside, showing the strip of magnets that run down the left side of the knee when wearing. The quality of the neoprene can also be seen well in this image.

    Magnetic Knee Support

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    The Magnetic Knee Support gives you stability, compression and recovery. With the added benefit of 16 therapeutic grade magnets embedded in the neoprene.

    The magnetic knee support is designed for any and all knee injuries. Including arthritis, ACL tears, sprained knees and so much more. The magnetic knee support has the unique ability to wrap over your injured and swollen knee.
    The strategically positioned patella hole helps center your knee giving greater support. The support has two adjustable straps for best fit, movement, support, and relief.

    Magnetic Knee Support Key Features:

    • Great for arthritis, inflammation, ligament or deep tissue damage, sprains or sporting injuries.
    • Soft and comfortable neoprene promotes natural heat release.
    • Helps compress and support the injured area.
    • Elastic stretch for comfort.
    • Easy-close tabs for quick attachment and release.
    • Lightweight and undetectable under most clothing.
    • Available in two colors: black and beige
    • Ideal for men and women.
    • Hand washable.
    • One size fits most.
    • Knee Support Measurements:
      Above knee: 50cm
      Under knee: 42cm
    Please Note: Bio Magnetic Sports products are not a substitute for medical care. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist. If you are pregnant and/or have a pacemaker or insulin pump please get your doctor's advice before using magnetic products.

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