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    BioMagnetic Support

    Get back to what you love with BioMagnetic.


    BioMagnetic is a range of magnetic therapy supports, wraps and insoles for natural joint recovery and pain relief.

    The BioMagnetic range includes magnetic back supports, magnetic knee supports, magnetic bracelets, magnetic elbow supports and much more for all Australians.

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    • Magnetic Gel Reflex Soles

    • With 6 Therapeutic Grade Magnets
    • Magnetic Back Support

    • With 20 Therapeutic Grade Magnets
    • Magnetic Knee Support

    • With 16 Therapeutic Grade Magnets

    Magnetic Gel Reflex Soles

    With 6 Therapeutic Grade Magnets Shop Now

    Magnetic Back Support

    With 20 Therapeutic Grade Magnets Shop Now

    Magnetic Knee Support

    With 16 Therapeutic Grade Magnets SHOP NOW


    A natural alternative for your muscle and ligament recovery and support. BioMagnetic Sports magnetic therapy products offer incredible support along with embedded therapeutic grade magnets. With supports for virtually every area of the body, where ever your trouble area, we've got you covered. 

    What our customers say

    I can’t believe how well these work. I’ve had elbow pain for years, had to immobilise my arm for many hours of the day, driving was extremely painful. Heavy pain killers are yummy but didn’t really help. This bit of neoprene and magnets has f***ing cured it. How!!! I would like to request a full body suit please.


    I had arthritis in my left index finger and after playing golf each time I had a throbbing pain. A friend suggested the bio magnetic wrist band. After about a week I found I no longer needed to take Osteo Panadol and after wearing out two wrist bands, I no longer wear one at all. No Panadol required either.

    Craig, QLD

    I've been using magnetic wrist bands for several years now and swear by them if I stop wearing them my wrists start to ache.

    Gordon, QLD

    I wear a Magnetic Wrist Support on a permanent basis. The extra magnets sewn into the support have enabled me to play sport after my wrist injury with a quicker recovery time.

    Jenny, VIC

    I use the sports band. I suffered from pins and needles in my left arm, waking up three to four times a night.  Since using the Therapy Band, no more pins and needles. I've been using it for six months now.

    Josh, QLD

    Have had a back injury and decided to get this for when I have a flare up or when you just have to do those extra things you know you're going to need it. Definitely helps ease the pain a lot with the extra support and firmness to limit movement which in turn helps settle the inflammation. Love it.


    I came across the BioMagnetic ankle support with amazing results - the support gave me great physical relief. I totally recommend magnetic therapy for joint trouble.

    Leena, WA


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