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Magnetic Therapy

Live Life on Your Terms with Magnetic Therapy

According to many of our clients, our range of magnetic therapy supports have relieved several bodily ailments and have helped them get back to what they love doing. We aim to alleviate your pain using a natural therapy alternative. 

What Sets BioMagnetic Apart Regarding Magnetic Therapy

We are confident in our products, as they are made using only the highest quality materials and magnets, with each magnet holding a 1000+ gauss rating. Our pricing is also often lower than our competitors' products that do not use magnets in their supports.

  • Money-back guarantee. While our magnetic therapy products may not work for everyone, you have nothing to lose with our 28-day money-back policy. If it doesn't work for you, we will give you a full refund. That's how much we believe in our products.
  • Quality. We use high quality neoprene material, along with therapeutic grade magnets to ensure superior results for our clients.
  • Natural therapy alternative. Our range of products are comfortable and natural alternatives to oral medications and gels that mainly focus on temporary pain reduction, rather than healing the source of the problem.


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Money Back Guarantee

Every product is backed by our 28 Day Money Back Policy. Use our product for 28 days, don't like it? Then you get your money back.

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Magnetic Gauss

What is magnetic gauss rating and how does it work? We unpack the measuring system behind our therpaeutic grade magnets.

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