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Magnetic Insoles - Moulded Reflex Insoles

Magnetic Insoles - Moulded Reflex Insoles

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The Magnetic Insoles are designed for people suffering from foot pain from chronic conditions and much more.

The Magnetic Insoles - Moulded Reflex Insoles have the magnetic technology of our gel reflex insoles mixed with our ongoing initiative to provide the body with better support.

Many of us are on our feet all day every day, or we are sitting at a desk causing poor circulation, either of these options can cause pain and lead to other more serious conditions. This is why Biomagnetic has designed the Magnetic Insoles - Moulded Reflex Insoles with you and your daily tasks in mind. They can be worn all day every day, giving maximum exposure to the embedded therapeutic magnets all while being supported.

 Who may benefit from the Magnetic Insoles - Moulded Reflex Insoles?

  • Insoles for Nurses
  • Insoles for Desk-bound jobs
  • Insoles for Diabetics
  • Insoles for those suffering from Arthritis
  • Insoles for those suffering from Obesity
  • Insoles for those suffering from Raynaud's Disease
  • Insoles for those suffering from Varicose Veins
  • Insoles for those suffering from shin splints
  • Insoles for those suffering from Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)
  • Insoles for those suffering from leg cramps

Magnetic Insoles - Moulded Reflex Insoles have specially designed footbeds to ensure support, comfort, and shock absorption. They are suitable for most sport or walking shoes with a rounded, cupped heel and raised arch area for maximum support and comfort. The Magnetic Insoles can be shaped to fit just about any shoe as they come with an easy cut guide to custom fit.

Most importantly though, they are also embedded with 6 strategically placed therapeutic static magnets. Shop worry free with our 28-Day Money Back Policy.


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Bio Magnetic Insoles

Key Features

⦿ 🧲 6 powerful therapeutic static magnets with 1000+ Gauss Rating.

⦿ Great for arthritis, inflammation, sore feet, back pain, hip pain, foot pain, and much more.

⦿ Realign your feet if you overpronate (roll in) or supinate (roll out)

⦿ Magnetic Insoles have specially designed footbeds to ensure support, comfort, and shock absorption.

⦿ Works with the body's natural healing process.

⦿ Provides arch support.

⦿ Enhances the comfort of your shoes.

⦿ Lightweight so they do not add any heaviness to tyour shoes.

⦿ Can be cut to fit almost any active or casual shoe.

⦿❤️ Love these Magnetic Insoles or your money back 28-Day Money-Back Policy



Men: 6-7
Women: 7-8




Men: 8-9
Women: 9-10




Men: 10-11
Women: 11-12




Men: 12-13



The magnetic insoles can be cut to fit almost any shoe.

Care Instructions

The Magnetic Insoles are made to last.

⦿ Use scissors to cut the moulded magnetic insoles if you need to customise the fit to your shoe.


Made from high quality synthetic materials for long lasting support and comfort in your magnetic insoles.


Please Note: BioMagnetic Sports products are not a substitute for medical care. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist. If you are pregnant and/or have a pacemaker or insulin pump please get your doctor's advice before using magnetic products.

  • BioMagnetic Australia's 28 Day Money Back Policy Badge in silver with the words Money back Guarantee and 28 days in the centre. It is a seal to show the stamp of confidence for the BioMagnetic Brand.

    Risk Free

    Buy it, Try it, Don't love it? Get your Money Back with our 28 Day Money Back Policy.

  • Plastic Free Packaging

    Our packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic free. It is also friendly to arthritis hands.

  • 1000+ Gauss Rating

    Powerful therapeutic magnets embedded into every single one of our products. Giving you maximum healing potential. Read more...

  • 20 Years of Quality

    We make our products to last, some of our customers have been using their back supports for 10+ years before needing a new one.

What shoes can I wear my insoles with? 👟

You can wear your magnetic insoles with most athletic and casual footwear. Obviously if the shoe is a bit tighter, you may not be able to fit your insoles in comfortably. However, we have made the insoles fully customisable with a cutting template included in your pack.

How many magnets are in the Bio Magnetic Insoles? 🧲

There are 6 therapeutic grade magnets in the magnetic insoles, all with a gauss rating of 1000+ for maximum penetration into the tissue.

Will magnetic insoles help with my foot pain?

Many of our customers with various conditions have found relief with our Magnetic Insoles. Some of these conditions have included heel spurs, arthritis in the feet, peroneal tendonitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, bottom of foot pain, pain in arch of foot, pain in top of foot and just general foot pain. We also have our Money Back Policy so you can try it risk free!