XL Magnetic Elbow Support Now Available

Introducing the new XL Magnetic Elbow Support!

BioMagnetic often get requests for a larger Magnetic Elbow Support, specifically around the bicep area. BioMagnetic is pleased to announce that we have finally delivered and our Large/XLarge Elbow Support is now available in both Black and Beige for purchase in our shop. 

What's the new sizing for our Magnetic Elbow Supports?


Above Elbow (Bicep): Up to 31cm around

Below Elbow (Forearm): Up to 27cm around


Above Elbow (Bicep): 32cm to 45cm around

Below Elbow (Forearm): 28cm to 37cm around

How to Measure: Measure your arm above your elbow around your bicep with a piece of string or measuring tape to find out which size is best.

Please note: Make sure to measure your arm before purchasing a Large/XLarge. We have designed our Small/Medium to fit MOST people and our Large/XLarge to suit those who need a bit of extra length. 

Want to know a bit more about our Elbow Support? 

The Magnetic Elbow Support offers great support while accomodating for swelling during recovery. All while offering the benefits of magnetic therapy. 

The wrap style elbow support gives flexibility and also supplies static magnetic therapy. The 12 embedded therapeutic magnets strategically placed throughout the elbow support. 

The neoprene has a thermal effect that may help with elbow pain and stiffness. The elbow support also has adjustable compression straps for a further customised fit.

This elbow support is ideal for arthritis, stiffness, elbow strain and much more.

A Magnetic Elbow Support May Bring You the Relief to Enjoy Life Again

Magnetic elbow support offersGrandmother holding her grandson while wearing the BioMagnetic Elbow Support in Beige. magnetic therapy to an area that needs to heal and provides you with the best quality support. BioMagnetic is a company that thrives on its reputation for having exceptional products at affordable prices. Learn why so many customers look to us first when pain, soreness, or strains hinder their lifestyle.


Benefits of the BioMagnetic Elbow Support

Elbow pain can hamper your lifestyle, especially when you reach to hug a loved one or want to pick up a grandchild. We believe it is essential to address these kinds of issues with elbow supports as soon as you feel uncomfortable. It is hard to imagine just how much you use your elbow until the simplest of actions cause pain. Learn how an elbow wrap or brace can help you manoeuvre at your best more quickly.

Elderly Woman pouring a kettle while wearing a Bio Magnetic Elbow Support in Black.

  • Pain develops whenever there is inflammation of the tendons in the elbow. It is imperative to address the pain as soon as possible to avoid more damage to the area.
  • A magnetic elbow brace may offer instant relief, and when your tendons are no longer stressed, they have time to heal. A brace will also keep your arm from unwanted movement. You may not realise how many repetitive movements you make in everyday life, and a brace will help stave off future injury by slowing down those movements. It may help to avoid pain after a strain or injury, and aids in preventing more pain afterwards. The neoprene in our product has a thermal effect that can further help with pain and stiffness. When the muscles are warm, they move with greater ease. The neoprene is soft with elastic stretch for comfort. It is lightweight and easily fits under your clothing.
  • Arthritis of the elbow is a common issue for mature adults. The early symptoms include pain, swelling, stiffness, and lack of full movement. If the pain occurs after an injury; however, it may be imperative to see a doctor to determine if there are no broken bones. The best advice is to rest the elbow no matter the reason for the pain, and give it time to heal. Wrapping your elbow in an elbow support brace allows the body's natural healing process to begin, and this works in conjunction with resting it. 
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