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  • Bio Magnetic Back Support on muscular male. The back of the magnetic back support is primarily in focus showing the magnets embedded into the middle of the back section and also the double straps that tighten the fit.
    View of the Bio Magnetic Back Support directly from the back being worn tightly a little higher on the mid back. The Magnetic Back Support is black and has a firm ridge running in the center of the back.
    The Bio Magnetic Back Support laying out flat showing its full length and one of the adjustable straps is peeled back to show the adhesive closure.
    The Bio Magnetic Back Support packaging 2019. The packaging features the magnetic back support being worn as well as lists different ailments the Magnetic Back Support might help with, such as Lower Back Pain, Pinched Nerves, Sciatica, Deep Tissue Damage, Chronic pain, back injuries, degenerative back conditions.
    The Bio Magnetic Back Support being put on by a woman, the woman has just begun to put on the support in step one of the process by wrapping one side of the support into place.
    The Bio Magnetic Back Support being put on by a woman who is in the second step of how to wear it, she has fastened the base section of the magnetic Back support around her waist and is now pulling the two adhesive elastic bands toward her front to tighten the support around her waist.
    The Magnetic Back Support being worn by a woman in step three, showing all the closures fastened securely from the front to offer optimal support to the lower back.
    The Bio Magnetic Back Support laying flat with all of it's adhesive closures in place and fastened securely. You can see the fabric that the magnetic back support is made of and the high quality.
    The Bio magnetic Back Support laying flat but viewed from the back, showing the double elastic bands that attatch at the back of the magnetic back support for further support while wearing. You can also see the section of the support that has the embedded therapeutic magnets.
    A close up view of The Bio Magnetic Back Support twenty embedded therapeutic magnets. Pictured here you can see each therapeutic magnet as a bump underneath the soft neoprene fabric. Each magnets is sewn securely into place within the fabric.
    A close up of the Bio Magnetic Back Supports double elastic closure that features the Bio Magnetic Logo and shows the high quality stays that are included in the Bio magnetic Back Support.
    A close up of one of the adhesive closures used on the Bio Magnetic Back Support for the best support.
    A close up of the Bio magnetic Back Support vented sides. The fabric is a see through mesh that breaths well to keep the wearer cool.
    The middle of the back of the Bio Magnetic Back Support showing an up close shot of the largest stay that is included in the Bio Magnetic Back Support.
    An up close shot of the Bio magnetic Back Support on the inside, featuring one of the several stays included in the support for better stability.
    An up close image of the main adhesive closure included in the Bio Magnetic Back Support, this is the form closure that is the base of the Bio Magnetic Back Support.

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    Magnetic Back Support

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    Magnetic Back Support

    We Can Provide You with Excellent Magnetic Back Support Right Here

    The Bio Magnetic Back Support belt is the number one product in our magnetic range. Not to mention, it is also one of the best and most affordable back supports in the market.

    Do you suffer from arthritis, lower back pain, back spasms, difficulty bending over, torn ligaments, bulging disc or just a generally sore back? If so, the magnetic back support belt might be your new best friend. 

    We are very proud of what this support does for our customers. They buy the magnetic back support for many reasons. From throwing out their back to pain from a chronic slipped disc.


    The magnetic back support itself is an awesome fit for most people suffering from back pain. But the added benefit of the twenty therapeutic magnets is often why our customers buy.
    The back support is easy to adjust with three adhesive straps that offer the perfect fit. The vented sides add coolness and extra comfort while wearing. The magnetic back support belt often costs less than brands without magnets.

    Magnetic Back Support Key Features:

    • 20 embedded therapeutic magnets.
    • Made from long-lasting premium quality neoprene.
    • Vented mesh sides for comfort.
    • Strong stays are sewn into the fabric for increased support.
    • Fits many different shapes and sizes.
    • 18 cm at the widest point of the support (middle of the back).
    • Elastic stretch for comfort.
    • Designed to reduce swelling and provide general support.
    • Triple adhesive closures for the perfect fit.
    • Ergonomic design helps compress and support the injured area.
    • Will stay fitting tight in place.
    • Completely hand washable.
    • Colour: Black
    Available in 2 sizes:
    1. Small/Medium - up to 97cm waist
    1. Large/Xtra Large - 98cm to 117cm waist
    Please Note: Bio Magnetic Sports products are not a substitute for medical care. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist. If you are pregnant and/or have a pacemaker or insulin pump please get your doctor's advice before using magnetic products.


    We Can Provide You with Excellent Magnetic Back Support Right Here

    If you are looking for high quality magnetic back support products, you can find it here with us. Whether you have back pain or your knees experience aches and pains, we can offer support that can provide the relief you need. Choose BioMagnetic today and get the magnetic supports tailored to your needs.


    Problems We Address with Our Services for a Magnetic Back Support Belt

    Getting the right team to provide you with the back belt you need can make a huge difference in your day to day life. To help you better understand this, here are some of the problems we aim to address with our products:

    • We want you to get back to your life as it was before. Back pain – be it in small or large amounts – can quickly become a severe source of discomfort, preventing you from carrying on as normal. We want you to get the relief you need so you can lift your grandkids again, play your favourite sport again, or even get an undisturbed sleep.
    • Our magnets all have a gauss rating of 1000+ which means they are effective for use in magnetic therapy. We aim to provide you with the highest quality magnets so you can rely on our products because your experience and pain relief is important to us.
    • We address your budget concerns with products that are both affordable and long-lasting. If our products do not show you the results you want to see, we have a comprehensive return policy for those who have not seen results after 28 days of product usage.
    • Our primary interest is to help you increase your quality of life with a possible pain relief solution. As a small family-owned business, we also understand the importance of maintaining excellent relationships. We work hard to help you with accessible services and to provide any customer support you could need during the process.



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